By anonymous / Saturday 17 September 2011 07:44 / United States
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you wanted him back, you're so through with that, and honestly he turned out to be the best thing you never had. :)


Wow, that must be terrible. I know from experience that surgery at a young age sucks, and you have all these added variables. Sorry, get better soon.


If the ass dumped you while you're in recovery he's obviously one of the worst things to happen to you. Your mom and aunt are just dumb asses.


Holy shit, the same thing happened to me! My gf broke up with my via text. I even traveled an hour to go to her volleyball game the same day.


Just cuz a guy dumps a girl doesn't make him a dick. For all we know he was the nicest guy ever, and OP is a total bitch!

That sucks! He is a ass for breaking up with you while you were in the Hospital! You don't need him! Find a guy that really cares for you!

Should of told them to stfu op. It's none of their business, and to buy you a bottle of tequila for being bitcahes, to tie you over till you more meds. Oh and get well soon.

oh dear, that's just plain awful...like someone said just prove them wrong and just ignore them. you have enough to deal with already :/

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