By Chels - / Friday 4 December 2009 06:27 / United States
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It's the little old ladies in front of me at the checkout counting exact change at a rate of 1 coin / 2 seconds that make me want to strangle them.


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$10 in quarters= 40 coins. At best $5 in dimes and nickels= 51 coins(49 dimes and two nickels) 40+51=91. Great math skills genius.

As a former cashier, I can personally sympathize with this FML. This is the epitome of the crap that cashiers go through on a daily basis. Being a cashier in many ways made me hate humanity, therefore I had to quit to keep my sanity.


Yea it's instances such as the OP's, that make me so thankful for my new job... I'm still trying to repress the memories of five years in retail...


Same here dude. They did that to me all the time. EVEN WORSE since I live on a border town "do you take mexican money?" makes it even more difficult :/

I hope you took the £10 bill and gave him his change back in said nickels. And then every time you had a handful of his change you just dropped it all on the ground!


Fail #27 of the day: The OP is american and they even said in the FML that it was $10 not £10... :l

I thought he was going to ask you to reach into his pocket to help him find his "other" roll of quarters.


i hope like me you hand them back the coins as change and dont let them try and get the bills back

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