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Apply more numbing cream to you're ears, that way you won't hear your boss firing you. Reminds me off the time I had to fire anthony hopkins from a restaurant because people were afraid we served cannibal meals.


"Hey, sorry boss. I have a serious tooth ache and the pain is just killing me. So I deci.... Hold on let me post this on Fml first."


Ydi for being on fml at work. And when you try and speak to your boss he'll realize that you weren't making fun of the guy


I would agree, but the wording of this implies that they're on FML at work, meaning they want to be paid for doing nothing, so I'm saying YDI

Your boss probably wants to have a good laugh at the whiny, lisping douchebag's expense. If he's really mad at you, your mouth is numb anyway, so you could fix things without feeling anything . . . except maybe a little prick.

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