By echolaker2019 / Monday 11 April 2016 03:57 / United States - Scarsdale
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By  PhoenixChick  |  23

You probably could contest the charges, since the restaurant allowed someone else to place a charge on your credit card without your permission, AFTER you left even. Although that doesn't really help the sting of how that ass treated you.

By  noodlemantra  |  19

I guess there won't be a third date.

By  may14th  |  26

Wow, why would the restaurant even allow him to do that?

  icequeen08  |  1

It's probably policy. Most restaurants that keep credit cards on file are often high volume restaurants where walkouts are frequent. If the guest does not offer any other form of payment you are often required to process the credit card on file. Also, how's the restaurant supposed to know whether they were married with a joint account or not? It's not their place to make that assumption, that's how servers get fired.

By  george_s_4  |  30

Not all guys are assholes. I know it's hard to believe since there's so many guys like the one you went on a date with but trust me they aren't all assholes. I hope you find a good guy soon

  kangx1  |  28

I don't know where you live 5 but, there aren't many guys who would steal from their dying date. Over here we tend to Not grab our dates credits card and buy food. We'd be a little too occupied with making sure our date isn't dead. Well that's just where I like 5. Maybe you live in Scumbag city. Who knows.

  george_s_4  |  30

Ok that's true I don't know any guys that are that bad but in my area I have met a ton of scumbags. One example is a guy who dated a girl that he knew was emotionally unstable, had sex with her, got her super loyal to him, and then cheated on her. He kept calling her an emotional bitch after that. Another example is a guy I know who constantly calls girls bitches and ugly and a bunch of other terrible stuff when he's not around them but when he's around them and someone calls him out on it he completely denies it and tries to pin the other person by lying about stuff they said. Those are not the only two I know their the first that come to my head and listing all of them would take forever but yeah I do deal with a ton of scumbags and they seem like the majority of guys around here

  george_s_4  |  30

I never identified these people and I will not do that I am just telling the truth about how a lot of guys near me are. Because of guys like them many girls around here have gotten the idea that all guys are the same and they will never find a guy who isn't a asshole

By  Applecifer  |  5

Haha, you deserve it for dating

  MoxleyCrue  |  17

6- I'm on my phone so I can't like your comment, but I really wish I could like your comment right now.

By  toastbrot  |  9

he's a keeper!

  cheeeksss  |  29

Oh 41, I am assuming you don't own any form of debit or credit card. Of course OP can, it's her card. She has the right to dispute any charge that wasn't authorized by her through her bank or credit union. What kind of financial institution would gain trust from their customers by not allowing that and just be like "oh well, too bad for you."

By  EwahWeeWah  |  21

Guilt trip him into paying you back.

By  Korentai  |  18

I love how in this post, there are no comments at all with positive thumbs. Just ones with none or negative.

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