By Anonymous / Saturday 22 December 2012 11:15 / Australia
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  beannlove  |  7

i feel your pain, OP.. at least you didnt see a picture of your father's penis like I did when I snooped.. we both deserved it!

  agsilver  |  14

-39 Shut up.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

Walked in on my parents once...they knocked on the adjacent wall that our rooms share so I thought they wanted to talk to me. They usually lock the door. WHY DIDN'T THEY LOCK THE GODDAMN DOOR?!

  beddington  |  7

That's what I thought it said at first too. Then I read it again, it says, had "a" look through it.
Not had "to" look through it.

By  klovemachine  |  24

Scarred for life :P

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