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ugh hit send by accident before I could finish. Op that sucks have you tried seeing the doctor yet? They can work wonders with their mysterious occult powers.


and also, WE were actually commenting on the comment. u just wana get everyone to see what ur sayin loser


Christ poor you, vomiting, sneezing, bashing your nose,knocking yourself out !! your lucky your alive!!!


Mucus running down the throat can cause vomiting. Plus, yes, any kind of virus can upset a sensitive stomach.

I feel sorry for you :T at least none of that stuff fell out and splashed back into your mouth just to choke you with puke infested toilet water and make you even SICKER right?

Might I suggest a medically induced coma? It may be less painful for you at this point... but seriously that sucks OP, there is a nasty cold going around where I live too.

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