By Anonymous - / Saturday 11 August 2012 22:22 / Canada - Airdrie
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I'm surprised no one has asked what the "one-eyed pirate" is yet. I think it's sort of...bad that I know.

  FirebirdF350  |  7

Miss kendall, the one I believe your thinking of is 'angry pirate' although now that I think of it one-eyed pirate would be similar, she would still need the peg leg though, our else it's just blind wench

  deBlobX  |  12

Um thats not even how you spell "definitely"

  KaiserSD  |  8

All she said was spontaneous, meaning it was left to interpretation. Shouldn't be surprised when it doesn't come out the way you want. Next time, don't be vague.

By  RealTalk0  |  7

Lol well he would also need the hook to do that.

  Justin0481  |  5

The first to thumbs up noor, thats much more prestigious than the first comment.

  perdix  |  29

#18, I've never hired a hooker, partly because I was never 100% sure of what they do. Now that you've made it clear to me, I'm definitely not doing that!!!!

  fortunelady  |  15

"Be more spontanteous."
"I have an eyepatch fetish/I think we should roleplay/Be the pirate captain to my fair maiden."

I see where he got the idea, honestly, but I would not call the two ideas exactly the same. That said, I wouldn't object to my OH calling me a wench in the boudoir but that doesn't mean the OP feels the same way!

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