By Anonymous / Wednesday 30 May 2012 01:55 / United States - Sioux City
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"BRING ME YOUR CHICOLATES OR FACE THE HOUNDS OF HELL! Oh wait, forgot my manners. Please?"

  SecretMe00  |  5

Ya I would just leave. People that think they're connected with demonic entities should not be messed with. If you ended up staying there OP, I hope things went smoothly. I wouldn't babysit for them ever again though.

  p_syko  |  5

I think holy water comes from the toilet because honestly its a bunch of crap!

  syley  |  5

Well 68 calling another religion, or a symbol of it, crap is a good move to be buried. Try to be a little more tolerant of others' beliefs.

  baddawg365  |  0

You place rosary beads in water say a Latin blessing over it and then throw on the demon. Be sure to have a Devils Trap on the floor or ceiling, then use the Exorcism on it. If all fails... Well unless you have an Angel, Sam or Dean and their knife.... You're probably dead.

  glorialaura21  |  8

Since when is it intolerant to have an opinion on religion? Hell, I think religion is crap too, that's my own opinion. I tolerate religious people and I respect their right to their own beliefs and opinions.

  glorialaura21  |  8

So let me get this straight, you think its okay for me to have my opinion of religion as long as I don't express it in public? And why? Because it offends you that i strongly disagree with something you strongly agree with? I still respect you as a human being and your right to express your beliefs and opinions even when some of yours offend me.

By  CaptNomNom  |  17

3 more hours of hell to go :D but you can ignore it. See what I did there?? XD

By  robincakes94  |  8

Maybe you should "pretend" to do an exorcist on her... I'm still confused as to if you should exorcize her evil spirits, or stupidity.

  ohmandapants  |  16

Also 9, that is incredibly stupid. Obviously this girl has mental issues, she is not "stupid" and "pretending" to perform an exorcism is incredibly dangerous and stupid. She's mentally unstable, she could just snap.

  robincakes94  |  8

Thanks 32 for calling me stupid at something you were ignorant to :)... Also, I didn't mean that the child was stupid, just her actions. My first initial thought was that she wanted attention, but you all are right, it could have been a mental issue... I forgot that those still exist apparently.

  Keevarou  |  16

No, not really, my ex is stalked or possessed by memnoch or something after she met Lestat he said.
Best course of action would be to make her go to a psychologist to get help..

  Brenda37  |  13

Oh, that's scary. Well I haven't had an encounter or heard a real-life story of the sort, so I guess I wouldn't know. But I agree; the child should see someone who could possibly help them.

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