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Man, I'm constantly looking at the expiration date on the food I eat. I would never eat food or drink something that's even just a day past it's expiration date.

YDI for even SAYING "crackers", you racist son of a bitch! And how the hell do you have a box of white people in the cupboard, anyway? Also, YDI for having a brother, for having a kitchen, and for not eating the bugs for the extra protein. I'd ask for them if I was still an anteater, but I changed into a giraffe a few months back.

I think all brothers do those type of things, just to annoy us. I agree with #3 put them in his bed, but under the covers by his feet.

Your brother is a dipshit. He could of threw the damn crackers out man. Honestly he sounds like the type he leave empty wrappers on the floor and room dirty as shit. I'm sort of a clean freak when it comes to the kitchen and stuff i don't like nasty people.

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