By Anonymous / Thursday 16 April 2015 02:41 / Australia
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By  Steffi3  |  40

Means your day can only get better!

  fml510605  |  16

#10, you clearly need to re-read the FML. It clearly states that the bee flew into OP's EYE!!!! Not OP's mouth. I'm pretty sure that you do not digest food in your EYE.


Today, while he was eating chicken, one of my friends asked me why I'm a vegetarian. I responded that I believe in animal rights and don't like the conditions the animals are forced to live in. He looked at me incredulously before explaining that "chickens aren't animals, they're birds." FML

By revan546 / Friday 26 April 2013 13:23 / United States - Hillsborough
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