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By  Rupus

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Yeah, what crazy person talks to their parents and tells them what's going on? That's just nuts.

YDI... If you seriously haven't slept in for 3 YEARS.. you would have made a freakin' event out of it & taken precautions before hand. ie: turn of your phone ringers, etc.... douche lol


Really this person is a douche just because they have trouble sleeping? What ar you fucking five? Youre the fucking douche. Being sleep deprived no one can help it. I have had insomnia my whole life so if anyone knows anything about being sleep deprived its ME. This dude deserved his sleep and his mother woke him up at 7:30 am ALso mabye he just works a lot. he can't help what times he works. Either your a fucking dumb ass idiot or your five years old. My guess goes with option A :) Yes i a

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