FML - The follow-up
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Hey guys! OP here, So to start things off, yes i know i'm an idiot... This is the first time i am ever attending an event like this and excitement got the best of me. I didn't really think of the idea that the wristband would lock, i had tried every possible thing to get it off but it was only making it tighter. Thank you to the few of you that were suggesting that twist off method to loosen it but unfortunately this bracelet had an extra piece so the clip itself could not be twisted off. To th
By warrior1995 - / Saturday 14 May 2016 19:26 / Canada - Barrie
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I don't know what kind of wristband it is but if it is one of those fabric ones with a plastic thing that allows you to tighten it, I know of a way you can loosen it: Twist the loose fabric as much as you can and attempt to slowly slide the plastic thing back to allow you enough space to get your hand out. I hope this helps! If not, that really sucks :(

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