By chucklesman96 - / Sunday 11 December 2016 20:34 / Canada - Westerose
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  GreenReaper  |  12

Actually, most safety and basic training classes use .22 LR, not 9mm. It is a much smaller round with almost no recoil, so good for first time shooters. It is also much cheaper. 9mm costs $15-20 per 50 rounds of range ammo. I've bought 500 round boxes of the same brand/quality .22 LR for about $30.

  RudyH621  |  25

Accidents happen, Richard. I was just curious as to what caliber he got shot with because I've been shot with .22LR in my right calf, not a fun experience.

  Taco The Dank  |  27

It would be a pretty dick move to just say "sorry", especially when it meant whoever was handling the gun was handling it at the wrong time or the wrong way. In training classes I've taken, you only aim and shoot in one direction/area, but it also depends on the gun they were working with.

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