By Anonymous / Wednesday 25 February 2015 10:33 / Australia - Maddington
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  imapartypooper  |  15

It's just dangerous in general; however, in some states, like Florida, you can talk and call using your phone, but you still can't text. However, it is a secondary offense, so they can't pull us over if we are texting alone. Only if we break another law, like speeding, can we be punished for texting. So texting and driving is pretty prevalent here. So many bad drivers. :(

By  julianbozikovic  |  20

How could he have confused that?

Hopefully the ticket isn't too much :(

  Toolishing  |  22

A hand up by the face is a pretty universal sign of talking on the phone. Of all the places to to pop a pimple, driving a car isn't really one. I'm not sure of the ordinance in Australia, but you'd probably still be ticketed here in the U.S. for negligence. Unless the officer is nice, which most of them are.

By  A07  |  47

How do you even pop a pimple with your phone? You should make a youtube tutorial OP!


I can't even think of a reply to this...

  tdawg91  |  17

A guy in Australia almost copped a fine for talking on his phone while driving, he wasn't on his phone..... He was actually picking in his ear. When you have your hand next to your face, it looks like you're on the phone

By  thatbigboy1016  |  8

That happended to me one time

  hailzz_96  |  18

Who continues to talk on their phone after getting pulled over? I mean you have a good 2 minutes to put the phone down and out of sight while the officer is getting out of his car and coming to yours

  lnheritance  |  19

Most cars have mirrors in the sun blocker. Why use her phone?

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

She was probably just touching her face while looking at the road, not actually squeezing it but just rubbing at it. I don't see why everyone is saying this is incredibly dangerous. She probably never took her eyes off the road. Unless of course she was using both hands and looking in the mirror, then it's definitely dangerous and a ydi.


The post literally says "trying to pop", she wasn't just "rubbing" it, read before you comment!
... Although it doesn't really add up, if she was trying to pop it, she'd be using both hands unless (then she deserved the fine) she overdramatised the post and she really was just touching it with a single hand.
I'm over-thinking this, I think it's time for bed.

  tdawg91  |  17

Popping a pimple with one hand must be a rare skill, one that I'm not so proud to possess, if you have decent length nails then you can just do it with your thumb and pointer finger, the same as if you were picking at something and you don't need to take your eyes off the road while you do it, you can feel it

By  FelixJC  |  14

Still, regardless of whether there was a phone involved, since the officer pulled you over, it's safe to assume you were driving. Focusing on anything but the road when driving is dangerous, so I'm gonna have to say you deserve it.

  JBrownie123  |  24

I'm amazed you were the first person to say it. I wouldn't ever try multitasking like that while driving because I'm too scared to take my hands off the wheel.

  JBrownie123  |  24

Two hands should be on the wheel at all times unless changing gear. Irresponsible to take your hands off. My dad has spun off of the road for absentmindedly scratching while it was rainy and dark.

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