By anonymous - / Friday 18 September 2009 04:20 / United States
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  canucksrule88  |  0

I think thats a little harsh....I'm not gonna jump and say YDI for having a fake ID. In Canada where I live the age to purchase liquor is 19, so I enjoy my drinks at certain occasions. However in the states, where the age is 21, I use a fake to be able to drink, since its pretty unfair that I can at home but not in the states. So OP if you are around 19-20 then YDI for mixing up your IDs But if you are under 18 then YDI for having a fake

  agsilver  |  14

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  mommy2cassidy  |  18

Lol #22 yep as a fellow Canadian I can agree it would suck to not be able to drink in another country when we are allowed to here. I do not visit the US very often at all but if I had I would likely have brought a fake ID when I was under 21.

By  666HailSatan666  |  0

I assume you are between 18 - 20 since as far as I know, 18 is the legal age to get your drivers license and 21 is the legal age to purchase liquor, get into night clubs, etc. (Correct me if I am wrong, I'm not american). I'm not going to say YDI if you have it for novelty purposes, but YDI if you use it.

  humorizer  |  14

fyi all; this site is probably a phishing site. Notice the url is not a domain of youtube, but rather jimmyjobobo123.com. So if you get haxxed, ydi.

By  zuli_fml  |  0

YDI for having a fake ID. :| I hope you realize that you can cost people their livelihoods and businesses because you can't wait a couple years to drink/party.

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