By JoshTheUnluckyFromKentucky / Friday 14 November 2014 00:21 / United States
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sometimes they're both. sweet gma: want a cookie? me:nomnomnom Satan GMA: its sugar free! me: *falls to knees and curses the heavens*


A lot of old white people ARE the spawn of Satan. Literally. My ancestors were raped, killed, tortured, experimented and beaten. Some of the white people you see today are the sick individuals that did it. The last residential school was closed in 1996. Being native I learnt a lot about it at my school, personal stories from family members and doing research online. They took children out of their homes. Beat them if they used their native language (when some never even spoke English). "


In the high school I went too. They didn't even mention a negative thing about residential schools in history. Not a single death. Out of the entire four years of school. They only spent 30 minutes "teaching" about it. At the end of her "lesson" I put my hand up and told that teacher every thing she left out. I asked why she did and she didn't even reply. Every single thing I wrote is true. I could go on about all the sick things white people did forever. A LOT went dow


@#1 Yeah, all the old people on this website tend to be of the latter type. Wheres that guy that was demanding an elderly category on FML a few months ago?! Come back man. This is why we need you.

That was a good thing that you did. Don't let one bad incident/person prevent you from doing those sorts of nice things in the future though.

I really wonder what causes some old people to be so damn cranky. At that point you really don't have much time until you go, so it always baffled me why some people would just stay in a perpetually miserable mood rather than enjoy the time they have left.


They're pissed off because they're about to die and they want everyone else to be just as miserable as they are.

some people just suck. don't let her pissiness stop you from doing another good deed, she's just a cranky wench. don't worry about her

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