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That's why you get someone to watch your drugged ass afterwords. Why didn't you just lay down in your bed, try to get some sleep and just keep a trashcan by your bed in case you throw up? YDI.


Even though this comment is rude, it does provide a good idea. Should there be a next time, I agree trying to sleep it off with a trash can is a good idea.

Well, they cant have someone watch them every second. but seriously you shouldn't have even tried to throw up, that could rip out your stitches or give you a dry socket. Next time just try to fall asleep or something....in your bed...not the toilet haha

Ouch, reminds me of when i had my wisdom teeth out. I think i threw up then passed out and hit the bathtub, but my memory was a little clouded with pain and drugs. that was one of the most miserable two weeks of my life. Hope you feel better soon!

Haha my friend got her wisdom teeth out today, also. Gotta love the drugs they give you. Ahh, but get some rest and you should be fine. When I got mine out, I passed on the kitchen floor when I was trying to get some water :(

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