By bee - / Wednesday 23 December 2009 15:39 / United States
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Hey idiot, how's them herpes treatin ya? Oh and I'm pretty sure that moving up 3 grades is much harder than maintaining your low level IQ... Do yourself a favor gargel some rubbing alcohol...
People on this site have no lives and only wish they could runaway! I Protroll here!!!

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Stfu, don't Try n push your sick fantasies on anyone else! If you're such an absent minded prick that needs your daily life plan out for you, how bout you enroll yourself in prison! It'll b nice to get away... And you idiots reading this... Take sollace in the fact that though your life is just as worthless as your neighbors, it won't go on for long... I protrol here!!!

  muichini  |  0

b-school isn't fun if they enrolled her in the kind most do in those situations. its normally a school where they are mean and on your ass 24/7. there are different kinds, but I have a feeling it will be a disciple one.


i go to a boarding school its pretty tight on the rules with guys and girls oh and theres no phone signal and no internet after school hours ...its pretty shit but get over it op

  ForestFire0  |  1

From what I know of both boarding and military schools, they're the exact opposite of how television portrays them. You go to either boarding or military school because you are motivated, intelligent, and hard working, not because you want to be. You need to be a good student and write an application. I don't think these schools exist where you ship your deliquents to be "fixed."

  OPISDUMB  |  0

You must not know much then. My parents sent my brother to military school for grade 11 and 12 and I almost got my ass sent. It's hell. You can't contact anyone for like 2 months while you're a recruit, not even your parents. Once you earn your cadet status or something you're allowed to write letters and have a weekly phone call. But even then, theres no electronics, no phones, no ipods, no tv, not even radio. You climb ropes and go on mile long hikes. They also make you march and shit, and it's all guys who are in there for doing stupid shit.

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