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Guys, my dress wasn't elaborately big. It just has many layers. And yeah I've already laughed about it. Haha.
By summinay / Saturday 12 November 2011 08:30 / United States
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By  GL1TCH3D  |  0

That must be awkward xO

  rudegirlmania  |  10

Awkward maybe but if they're her bridesmaids I'd hope they've already had this sort of bonding experience xD

But in all seriousness, she will laugh at this one day and be glad there are pictures to help her remember it

By  likasumboooodi  |  0

solution: break the camera

By  RecklessJellyBea  |  7

Another reason why I'm against flashy wedding spectacles.

By  hzsambo  |  3

ha ha ha ha ha ha

By  RuCheezBurger  |  10

Sounds like the start of a porn film!

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