By Anonymous - / Friday 12 July 2013 04:36 / United States - New Orleans
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  BradyT918  |  9

Yes. The location he's looking for, is at the corner of fuck off and get a map.

(No I'm not telling anyone to fuck off, I'm merely making a joke)

  RedPillSucks  |  30

@35 it definitely does happen. In some rural areas, unless you actually ask for help, people will look at you like you're a dumbass and gather around to watch you fail miserably.

By  purebliss_fml  |  19

And ask if you can play with their gun, they love that.

By  anythingmustbe  |  18

I would have accelerated pass them screaming FUCK DA POLICE AHHAHHAHAHA! Then you would pass the house again and the cycle continues.

  rapunzel3416  |  28

10- there's a house near where I live of a family that is super paranoid. You drive by their house and they are already looking out their windows. If you have your lights off or license plate covered they run out of their house at you with flashlights. So of course young kids mess with them all the time. They're a very creepy family.

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