By Rash - / Tuesday 6 December 2011 16:54 / United States
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  The_Troller  |  14

Who cares how it got there, just be glad you have it. Free dinner for weeks!

  DynamicDave  |  11

A good supply of glue to be had for all your arts and crafts projects!

  humorizer  |  14


Yes, because the fact that females don't have genitals rolling around majestically in that area means they're immune to getting hit by horses.

"Today, a gorilla punched me in my chest while I was sunbathing in my pool. FML."
'What?! I don't get it. I thought OP was a male.'

  nixter5  |  18

I used to to ride horses, but then I took an arrow to--fuck it, I'm getting so tired of this.

  bobbycorwen  |  5

Transvestite Donkey Witch.

  MaskingTape  |  2

I thought that exact thought.

  bobbycorwen  |  5

No one likes South Park.

By  marpay  |  11

Horses can be seriously evil. They look all pretty and kind; but then when you least expect it they kick you or buck you right off their back.

  construction  |  7

It's just like us men, we let you ride us maybe once or twice .... But more than that we'll just boot ya off and out the door : )

By  sakforduc  |  0

Did u tell the horse u were bigger and then proved it? I heard a joke like that somewhere.


I know from experience showing and raising steers, that whether it be a horse, a steer or a calf.. it still hurts like hell, hurts guys more than if a girl got kicked in the crouch. Not saying it wouldn't hurt a girl, jus that it would hurt guys more.

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