By assault and imnotracistbuttery - / Saturday 18 April 2015 04:57 / United States - Waxahachie
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By  Cortezthe1st  |  23

Punch him in the nose to teach him a lesson. You can also drop him off in the middle of Compton if you don't want your hands dirty.

By  Cortezthe1st  |  23

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  alkoy  |  4

THIS. there is no reasoning with those ignorant fucks but he might start rethinking his attitude after the fifth time of getting punched in the face...

  cmac86  |  22

Or Pine Bluff, Arkansas (it's closer for him) . The town of less than 50,000 has roughly 70 murders per year. It's like a southern Compton, only rappers don't rap about it.

  Badkarma4u  |  17

You guys realize that the straight outta compton stuff was almost 30 years ago. It's primarily hispanic now. Stop getting your info from rap videos, and old rap videos at that.

  im_a_black_guy  |  10

Wouldn't it be weird to watch your brother being fucked in the ass by a big black guy, isn't that borderline incest

  doodlecloud  |  26

46 - I think 36 knows that, I think he meant because you'd be watching a family member having sex rather than a non-family member. Still a dumb comment though.

By  jeff_boles  |  12

That's like saying, "I'm not racist, I just think whites are far superior to other races!"

  JKPwnage  |  25

That's like saying, "I'm not sexist, I just think all men are stupid"

By  jkp1291  |  25

Only in Texas

  CatAttack29  |  12

#4 racism is still all over the world not just in Texas. Just because something strange or wrong happens in Texas is does not only happens there. Try not to comment so ignorantly next time, thank you.

  badgercheese94  |  13

#17, Don't get too defencive. Yea racism is everywhere but it is worse in Texas than in other places. I grew up in Miami, which has no shortage of racism, don't get me wrong, but then I moved to Texas and never have I heard so many white people openly say the word "nigger." Yea, in Miami you heard dumb white guys say "nigga" trying to be cool, but not "nigger." I also have a class thats all white guys and no blacks, and they kept making dumb black jokes. Was a total culture shock for me, made me feel sick to my stomach.

By  cutycat136  |  28

Oh no you're right, and I'm not racist either. So don't think that I'm getting a new brother just because you're white, I just happen to like this black guy better.

  muzy  |  23

Not necessarily.I sometimes like to start off by saying that, just to throw people off. "I'm not a racist, but I just had the best coffee ever".

By  Nieko  |  8

He likes black girls, you like black girls (I assume yours is black)... That's just brotherly rivalry. FYL and good luck!

  CrazyBear085  |  7

Correction again. he said one his favorite. also who said being a slut is a bad thing? often times youll find the woman takes sexual dominance in most porns. back to the point though. we have no idea what remark he made that was considered racist...

  Ichiya  |  29

Every single person is racist. The first few things you notice about a person is they are black/white/asian/ect and if they are male/ female. The difference is hopefully most people don't hate people becuase of these traits.

  scorch61699  |  5

in fact every person is NOT racist. seeing the colour of a persons skin is not racist. thinking/believing/doing certain things because of the colour of their skin is racist.

  Aimeejasmine  |  15

Are you serious.. Noticing someone's skin colour doesn't make you racist what the hell. Implying someone is inferior in any way because of their skin colour is racist jfc..

  Ichiya  |  29

Racism and other "isms" are spectrums. There are good sides and bad sides. Im not saying everyone should die simply because they note someone's differences, Im saying that at its core noticing those differences in a conscious way is i form of racism. Its not inherently a bad form but it is still racist. When it becomes harmful is when you use those differences as an excuse to oppress said person. Racism can be just as good as it can be bad for example: having pride because you are Native American is racist but it is good so long as you don't go and say that anyone not Native American is bad or inferior. Its imprtant to realize that everything has two sides. Imagine racism like your typical graph. Starting from zero the line moves infinitly up in the positive side, but also there is a part going infinitly into the negative side. The positive part represents the benificial part of racism where we raise awareness of wrongs committed to others based on differences and the negative part represents the harmful side of racism where we use our differences against each other on any side of the line. This spectrum dissapears once one half of the graph ceases to exist. The best outcome is when everyone ignores all differences and treats everyone the same. That is when we can truly say racism doesn't exist. I respect that other may not agree with my views on the subject and I wont say Im right or you're wrong All I want is a civil discussion of opinions so we can all learn from each other, and I hope we can achieve this. I ask that the devs delete this comment if it starts an arguement because that isn't going to help anything.

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