By noway / Wednesday 10 August 2011 17:47 / Singapore
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

he may wear the pants in your relationship, but remember, us females buckle the belt! ;D

  oxemilyxo  |  5

12- haha I'm pretty sure every girl would love to do that when they are upset

  yeseniaaa  |  2

It doesn't suck, because it cheered you up(:

  00Lily00  |  0

I hate hearing about men like this, what assholes

  juicedboi  |  7

Depends on the tone when he said it. I know that I fuck around like that a lot and to most guys, meaning only me, it's not a big deal. Women over-analyze a lot more than is needed. That being said, I am a dick and I know that. 17- In my world everything is solved like that.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@75 not everyone is after a guy who panders to your emotions like a lost puppy. some people want guys who are in a relationship with equal power to both partners. sounds crazy i know, but its actually true. im one of them. @OP you got into a fight with him and hes supposed to cheer you up? ok, if the fight was about how he hooked up with some other girl or something i can understand, but just generally you dont just expect the guy to have to cheer you up after a fight, thats insane.

  Drigr  |  8

especially since 9 times out of 10, the girl caused it. that tenth time it was cause the bf cheated or looked at some other girl wrong or got caught watching porn

By  lopez1222  |  3


  genesisnirvana  |  11

I'd say worth it.BJs make everything better.

  a_nutritionist  |  10

yes 159 we are all impressed because youre a sexually active female. now watch as all the guys pander to you and start sending PM's all fucking night. ...or will that just be me.

By  barbiieee  |  10


By  tnlander  |  20

Hey sweetheart I know what will cheer you up, lock jaw!

By  Veedway  |  0

Well, this is a bit sucky situation.

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