By broke - / Tuesday 5 May 2009 04:07 / United States
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By  Gripping  |  0

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You madam are an idiot, he bought the ticket and the only thing that came of the trip was him learning that he had been dumped, therefore he practically paid to be dumped, although not technically he did in the spirit of the situation.

By  Blue_Coconuts  |  7

Fuck that dude, you should have gotten a cheap motel six for the time, and just hit the town bringing home random ass...

There's a lot of girls out there who are angry at daddy.

By  urallosers  |  0

rule #1: long distance relationships will never work out. Proximity is one of the major facets of being in a successful relationship.

  ang3l4  |  17

#4. I started dating my boyfriend right after high school. I moved away for college.... 6 years later and he's now my husband. So YES, they do work out!!

By  CousinSkeeter  |  0

Wow... this shows that long-distance relationships are risky. Just don't go for 'em, they almost never work out. Plus, you are paying much more money for stupid shit like phone calls, gas, and plane tickets.

By  onigiriqueen  |  0

#4: LDRs do work. I lived in WI and my husband is from Tokyo. We were away for 8 months total, and got married and are really happy. So yes, they do work, if you work at it and keep in touch and are actually COMMITTED to the relationship as opposed to letting your eye wander and experience communication gaps that last longer than every other day... though at least e-mailing every day is best, if not a phone call. Skype is super cheap to call phones around the country and internationally from the compy or lappy.

And as for the OP: At least she dumped you in person rather than through an e-mail or something pussy like that. Be grateful she respected you enough for that!

  fidrat04  |  0

fuck she couldve called we all know the bitch aint gonna pay a dime on what he paid for the plane tickets....now hes got no money to drink his sorrow away....fuck

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