By lkvetched - / Tuesday 30 August 2016 17:23 / United States - Palestine
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What I hate is that restaurants can do this and get away with it all the time. There's really squat you can do when they don't follow safe food handling practices and poison you.

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It's because the food poisoning ruined their anniversary trip. Is it really that difficult to figure out? As for the "shitty taste in anniversary gifts", just because you wouldn't enjoy something doesn't mean others don't. And personally I think a walk/hike through the woods with nobody but my SO would be quite lovely.

No matter where you go hiking, you should always bring materials and/or a First Aid kit in case something like this happened. Be ready for the worst, even if it's extremely unlikely.


Especially if you're hiking somewhere you would need a map. Sure, state parks are a hell of a lot safer than hiking in the wilderness or backcountry, but you never know when something might happen when nobody is around.

ALWAYS take a roll of toilet paper on hikes, preferably biodegradable or bring a plastic bag too. Sorry that your stomach ache ruined your anniversary outing though.

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