By Chesty Larue / Friday 7 August 2015 00:29 / United States
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By  tzemmy  |  33

But how can they fire you for having your phone with you? Isn't there also a law or something that says work places must have a secure (locked), clean place for personal belongings? Damn, fyl op

By  tzemmy  |  33

But how can they fire you for having your phone with you? Isn't there also a law or something that says work places must have a secure (locked), clean place for personal belongings? Damn, fyl op

  okokalright  |  33

And if there some kind of emergency and you didn't have your phone? I don't see the problem with having your phone in your pocket as long as you're not using it. Anyone could break into a car and some people may have somewhere important to be after work.

  ThatHorse  |  33

But they also don't allow use of that landline for personal business. My mom's work is hesitant about allowing even emergency calls. They don't do it at all for new employees. My mom can only because she's worked there for 27 years.


@46 I second that, my work place has a land line but it's for business calls. I don't see the problem with keeping a phone in my pocket if it doesn't interrupt my work (because I won't use it while working) and it's more convenient for emergency calls. And obviously it's gonna be muted and even Vibrate will be off.

  meggieeeee92  |  33

I'm just wondering where the OP works where they don't feel comfortable leaving their belongings without fear of someone coming and taking it. I leave my purse with my wallet, keys, phone, everything in a locker at work without a lock and don't feel like one of my coworkers is going to come along and steal my things. That's really shitty to not be able to trust people you work with :/

  VeganVampyre  |  33

71- I work at a grocery store with over 100 employees. I don't even know half of my coworkers and I sure as fuck don't trust them. I had my wallet stolen out of my bag once and despite there being security cameras somehow they couldn't figure out who did it. So I always keep my phone and wallet on me while working, even though we're not allowed to, because I'll be damned if I'm going to let someone steal my stuff again. Not all workplaces are a friendly, close knit group that you can trust.

By  fringeisawesome  |  29

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  Voij  |  29

Is... is that the first thing that comes to mind when talking about smartphones at work? Taking pictures of people? I thought it would be more in terms of it being "unprofessional" if your phone rang while you're with the customers. That seemed like the prime concern to me... is that not what we use them for anymore?

  juturnaamo  |  29

If he works with customers, making copies of credit cards could be the concern. Throw it on video mode, set it next to the register, you can get the number and security code for every card customers use.

  VeganVampyre  |  29

Wow... You guys must have some crazy stuff going on where you work... At my job the only reason we're not allowed to have our phones on us is because some people text their friends instead of helping customers. I've never heard of it being a security breach to take a picture or of anyone recording people's credit card numbers :/

  DrFood  |  29

I don't think telling someone who is using their phone to get credit card numbers is going to listen to a policy that won't let you have your phone on you.

By  hkhan24  |  34

How does not having a phone in a locker mean it's in your pocket? The phone could be anywhere. You basically got fired for not having a stealable possession. Be glad you're free from this shitty job and that you still have your phone..

By  1dvs_bstd  |  48

What kind of company did you work for? Does the phone signal interfere with it? Did your former boss do locker checks for everyone or were you a specific target? After he didn't see your phone for the first time, did he warn you or ask you about it?

By  chuka81  |  41

Aah...the joys of workplace rules and at will employment. Well, you could still sue for trespass if the locker was specifically assigned to you and he searched without permission. Unless of course your employment agreement allows him to do so.

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