By Anonymous - / Wednesday 2 January 2013 07:28 / Canada - Airdrie
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When you work in retail, providing good customer service implies showing good humour and being friendly. Of course everyone is allowed a bad day once and a while. But as a customer, I don’t feel like purchasing anything when I walk into a shop and I am welcome by sulky looks.
I worked in retail as a summer job and my (positive) attitude was one of the criteria to have my contract renewed. I saw people not being renewed because they wouldn’t bother smiling or being attentive to customers.
It’s not an easy task, but you know what you signed for when you take a job that requires public interaction.

  shaagy2760  |  13

Dude you work at maccus you don't have the right to bitch when all you mofos do is f**k up every order

  shannonreneee  |  11

I work in both retail and the nightclub industry. Retail is so much easier to fake it, and people are generally nicer. However, in nightclubs most patrons are intoxicated and have no shame in abusing you for not allowing them to feel you up.

The things we do to survive the poor Uni days

  emilyjgraham  |  34

54, I know exactly where you're coming from! Also, to the guy who dissed Mcdonalds, I personally think they can complain because they have to put up with customers complaints such as yours and they just have to either stand there and smile while they're hurled abuse or do something to correct it. I make sure I'm extra nice to people in fast food places because they're just trying to do their job!

  rachelphillie  |  1

47 Not everyone who works in the fast food industry is a fuck up. A lot of people work really hard at providing great customer service only to have some customers degrade and look down upon them, so I can see why some of them might just feel like the effort is worthless and stop trying. Maybe if people like you didn't generalize so much things would be different.

  FeelingRandi  |  11

Ah, yes, I love it! Brothers in arms.. People, honestly, you don't get it until you've had to work retail! I was told to force a smile on at work, because my face looks miserable if I'm not. Now I practically physically peel the smile of at the end of my shift! And even worse, I can't imagine my forced smile is fooling anyone! "Welcome to fucking Walmart, may I help you?! *grins derangedly*"

By  camimiller16  |  5

If you really look so grumpy it got you fired you should probably work on looking more upbeat

  andiewithlove  |  19

Fun fact: in Japan they actually have Smile Schools for employees so that they appear more friendly mostly for foreign customers. It isn't that the Japanese look grumpy, they just feel it inappropriate to show a lot of emotion.

By  SuperDanielNL  |  23

1. Smoke weed
2. Go to work, high and happy.
3. ?????
4. Profit!

On a more serious note, can you get fired for beining grumpy? Is that a valid reason anywhere? As long as you do your job, I'd say.

  Bekll  |  29

Depends on the job. If you're a telemarketer or a waiter a pleasant attitude is necessary since you're dealing with people and I imagine a grumpy one could get one fired since it's unprofessional.

  mclauren29  |  22

They may have been looking for a valid (kind of) reason to fire OP. Some employers just want to get rid of people they generally don't like and will find any excuse to do it.

  mike3775  |  29

It is possible to be fired for that in some lines of work, especially jobs where people have to deal with customers and the public all the time.

I once got counseled(not really punished) at work for the same thing years ago at a job where I was a janitor at a University and my bosses were asked to pull me from the building because I was intimidating people because I never seemed to smile, and it made the students and building users afraid to talk to me, and afterwords, I smiled more and they relaxed as well.

  badbadkitty  |  5

Daniel. I'm getting high before work right now! We should be friends. XD

  SirCharles83  |  13

Yes doc! She's right! You're just jealous that you are a responsible professional and you have a job that matters. Stop being a douche about it, not everyone can work at a convenient store! Some people like yourself have to do the crappy jobs. Like being a doctor. Maybe if you work super hard, one day you too can smoke before work and brag about it.

By  LittlestPrincess  |  21

am I the only one who thought about Tartar the grumpy cat?

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