By asshalf15 - / Friday 25 July 2014 20:19 / United States - Hacienda Heights
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By  jlang917  |  14

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Yeah but it says OP is from California

  AllStache  |  11

United States*

By  VicRC  |  7

wonder why people would assume that expecially since there must be a reason you got expelled

By  Aero_x  |  21

They can't prove anything. And I did that once, but no one knew a thing because I stealthily got up and walked away. they all just blamed eachother.

By  cailey1234567890  |  24

Well thats what you get for being clumsy. Lol In all seriousness though, that really stinks. FYL

By  shudson186  |  17

This is why I feel cameras should be placed in certain places such as stairwells in schools. Honestly OP truth will always have the same story just keep telling it and someone will listen.

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