By Anon / Friday 4 December 2015 07:14 / United States - Modesto
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I don't really blame the girl, if she didn't know OP and his schedule she could've genuinely thought that he WAS stalking her - a bit paranoid, but not reprehensible in itself. She was also right to tell her teachers, because if he had been a stalker, asking him about it wouldn't really have been an option. I do blame the principal, because he could've easily checked out OP's explanation and then told the girl that everything is fine and there was nothing to worry about.

  soullyfe  |  29

#10: If she took the time to notice him in her classes then she should have known that he wasn't simply stalking her if they have similar schedules.

  cheeeksss  |  29

No, #10. It was a matter of the girl jumping to conclusions from paranoia and thinking too highly of herself. OP stated they are at school. Meaning, of course you're going to see the same persons everywhere throughout the day. Kinda how it works when you attend the same school..

  Mortoli  |  29

in all honesty I'd prefer suspension lol at least then i wouldnt have to deal with that mess lol and parents would understand your school filled with a bunch of dumbasses lol

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