By M3DO / Wednesday 3 August 2016 01:04 /
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By  ohsnapword  |  20

"Hey, I like your older brother. Do you think you could, umm, maybe, set us up?

  Lalala579121  |  27

Because OP may not have a brother? OP was the one who applied for the job, nobody else.

I assume they liked OP but OP was too young to work for them, so they wanted to know if there was someone else in their household who was old enough.

By  M3DO  |  24

OP here,Apparently they were planning on hiring me but they found out they can't because I'm not 18. I am about to start training for a new job that's very similar so it's not really big deal.


Today, I got written up for drinking on the job by a manager who drinks on the job, who was told to write me up by a general manager who drinks on the job, and we are all employed by an owner who drinks on the job. I haven't had a drink in 3 weeks. FML

By DJJayLee - / Monday 23 June 2014 05:45 / United States - Las Vegas

Today, I was watching an employee who I knew was stealing. I was trying to watch a sketchy customer at the same time, but dropped him so I wouldn't lose the employee. I later found out that customer stole a $500 item seconds after I stopped watching him. I saw the employee steal a $1 item. FML

By Undercover_Agent - / Saturday 7 October 2017 17:38 / United States - Chanhassen
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