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Fun fact about Mr Moesby: He was sentenced to 5 years in prison for manslaughter with a motor vehicle and driving while intoxicated, but was only required one year in prison due to exceptionally good behaviour. He was on probation and had to do community hours, but that's better than 5 years! Anyways, that sucks OP I hope you got your bag back. Keep in mind a lost bag and a mad librarian is better than 5 years in jail (:

  randomname98  |  22

Zero tolerance policy my ass. They tolerate it until the victim does something, then it is a problem. In my case, it was getting beaten up daily and telling the teacher and principal daily, while getting no results. I fought back one day and I was suspended for 3 days and threatened with assault charges. The guy beating me up got a 3 hour detention.

  RBW_Slave  |  9

When schools are failing in their "zero tolerance" and punishing the victim, the solution seems simple. Don't report assault or theft to the school. Call the police.

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