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By  gravedigger08  |  0

you can actually get a court order to get the dog back since you never gave permission and it's free just go down to the courthouse then kick ur roommate out and get another roommate

  marinus_fml  |  19

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  Stupified  |  0

1) Search on craiglist for free dog. 2) Trade dog for your dog or keep the dog you like best 3) Buy a gun 4) Shoot your roommate or his dog if he has one 5) Eat a taco. 6) ??? 7) Profit! Ydi for having a dog.

  MykeLytorus  |  0

It's funny because it could have been worse and it's moist. Nobody is born gay--it's a choice just like what clothes you wear! FTW!! Dur dur dur I'm cool coz I come one here and comment on every single FML.

  kocoman500  |  2

number 8 (marinus)- your an idiot. nothing could be more worse than losing your dog- no no no, your ROOMMATE losing your dog in a game on drunk poker. stop saying "it could be a lot worse". yes, we all know it could be in some cases, but you don't have to announce it.

By  houseofame  |  4

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