By AdriBAMF / Saturday 17 October 2009 17:11 / United States
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  Spyderz20x6  |  0

YDI for going to homecoming and trying to get laid.

  zach055  |  23

YDI for not going out with your friend

  xerbrus  |  14

the hell it is he's protecting her because he knows the other guy isn't good enough for her

By  Raheemdplayer  |  7

Your friend sounds like an idiotic douche, why are you even friends with him if hes that obsessed that he will break another guys jaw?

By  ziqi92  |  0

someone doesnt respond too well to being friend-zoned...but shouldnt u have talked things over with ur best friend first? then again, i suggest u dont date someone who'd get jealous so easily...i mean, i've been friend-zoned once but i never thought of hurting anyone...

By  DameGreyWulf  |  0

Sounds to me like you didn't know this, OP?
If you did... well I don't know the circumstances so I guess I can't call YOU a bitch
But your friend sure is one. Damn, tell him to grow up.

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