By Yeah - / Friday 24 October 2014 05:02 / United States - El Paso
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  CoGhostRider  |  31

I don't think it applies if it's a five, not in this economy.

By  jack_jill05  |  14

Maybe she stole your wallet, put the money in there, & then asked you for it to make you look like an idiot. seems logical to me.

  byEyecandy  |  10


  cinskeep43  |  15

#17 its not worthless! she got five bucks

  Cass_x  |  22

"Seems logical to me". Really? Does it? Idk about others but to me it certainly doesn't.

  jack_jill05  |  14

#33 it wasnt supposed to make sense? it was sarcasm, im not sure how you didnt get that. obviously, i don't think that happened.

  jack_jill05  |  14

Why do you care so much? Because i dont.. its 1 comment that i made that people didnt get & i dont blame them, its their opinion, big deal.


The OP's attitude was a little douchie if, instead of saying no, you want to prove to them that you don't have any money. That's karma for you, glad for the lady who got the 5 dollars :)

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