By Anonymous - / Friday 19 February 2016 20:36 / United States - Denver
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Good call nonetheless, OP. I always just assume I wouldn't be allergic. Anyway, this reminds me. I've read of people learning, after years of religiously treating their acne, that the acne medication and creams were actually the cause of their acne.


They don't go out of business BECAUSE they work. It doesn't magically cure it, you have to continuously use it. I've had terrible acne since I was young and unless I do my routine with skin care products, I have acne. The fact my family can tell if I'm using it or not should show it works.

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If it is an off-the-shelf brand, they won't care about the rash and would refund without seeing it. If it was given by a doctor, the doctor would want to see the rash so they can add the response to the OP's medical file, but you can't get refunds for prescription medications.

Smart move. I'm no doctor, but if putting it on a small patch of skin caused such a bad reaction it seems possible that using a lot more could have induced a much more severe, possibly life-threatening anaphylactic response.

Sorry Op. I hope it didn't lead to any dangerous life threatening problems. What I usually for skin care products now is to read the reviews etc and then read thei gradients: first four. Check if there has been any clinical studies on them. It makes a huge difference in regards to the effectiveness, precautions you need to be aware of etc.

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