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The place I now work started off that way. I replaced a man who committed suicide. People who missed him took it out on me & I didn't even know about it for half a year. Truly stupid people lacking basic self control.


This FML immediately reminded me of Ross in Friends when he becomes the guy in 3B who didn't give money to Howard the Handyman, and becomes immediately hated.


Or, how about the episode where Monica gets a new chef job and replaces a well liked chef(or family member), and then all her co-workers hate her and try to make her quit?

Just do your best and kill them with kindness. They will come around. I just went through the same thing. Bringing a box of doughnuts won't hurt either.

Blend into the shadows for awhile, and then step into the light and own the stage, with your hardwork, gracefullness and good looks.

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