By crazy cat lady / Thursday 3 November 2016 19:31 / Canada - Fredericton
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By  species4872

Bad pussy.


I'll call bull. they prefer whoever gives them more treats. my mom made my dog fat, therefore I lost my dog to her, which is why I'm gonna wait until I'm on my own to get another dog


I did and I'm still not sure. Does she sit with her roommate and her boyfriend while they talk just to cuddle the cat? That's a little weird if so. The couple might want privacy. Take the cat to a different room and instead of cuddling it, play with it/ entertain it. Some pets just aren't into the cuddling thing. Or only want it on their terms. If that makes sense. I'm honestly uncertain how to word what I'm trying to say orz


OP here, sorry about that. I didn't expect this to get posted cause I was really tired. Basically I got a cat cause my roommate never pays attention to me anymore since her boyfriend moved in. Well it turns out that the cat likes her more than me. So now, instead of hiding in my room while they're all over each other in the living room, I get to hide in my room while they're cuddling with my cat

If you want to play/cuddle with your cat shouldn't you go to your own room? I think the boyfriend would also appreciate it, if you take it back and leave them alone. At the end of the day you're the one who feeds it so it will come around. Or you could just let it get used to you and your room first and than to the rest of the house.

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