By Anonymous - / Monday 22 June 2009 18:12 / United States
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By  mexicansweetie48  |  0

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How is that a FHL? Being bi-sexual is nothing wrong, and he probably didn't even know what it meant. I don't see how this is a FML at all, maybe a LOL moment, but no FML worthy....

  nick0011  |  0

Chill 124, the OP is not being homophobic... And it is kinda a FML because its embarrasing to the OP that her child said that aloud in a child's classroom, a young age to be exposed to that reality. Whatever kinda lame but good for a short laugh

By  bartender_fml  |  0

Hahaha ooh dear :( sad to say though, i probably wouldve made the same mistake. how on earth could anyone blame a kid for not being able to pronounce a word even I (a 17 yr old) cant pronounce :P

  iplaylax  |  0

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By  jerseystreetking  |  0

hey maybe he's both prolly jerked 2 guys off with both hands

By  NGM_47  |  0

This'll come back to haunt him in his middle/high school years if the same people go to his school....so it sucks more for him than you. But yes, FYL!

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