By miss Suzanne / Tuesday 14 September 2010 21:46 / United States
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  Tasanasanta  |  0

Hold it their 18... Kids are great for labor. When you're lazy and don't want to mow the lawn, or do the dishes, or get a drink. That's what my parents do anyways T_T. They call me Manuel Labor. 22- Who said it was a bitch? And pussies (in your context) suck balls!

  bishoprsv2  |  0

In order to be on the same intellectual level as people replying to #1, I would like to say this to OP: ao;dhfjkagsdkbfiafjkabdfjadjkfbasdbfasddfadfsuckaljdhsfoahdslfhaljdickopfaggotjklsdhflhldhaklfakfjkabjkyouresostupidooahflhaldhfanhlnjyoushouldgetashdlfhsomeballsandpussylaksdfklhherpnajsdfljbdlbshahslfhljasdshouldveknownthiswouldabjsdghflabhdfhalshappenjasdjlfhfaglabsldfhjabhjklbfjkderp

By  bumbleB_tuna  |  0

i would beat that dog

  green_eyes124  |  0

It's really not the dogs fault. The wife should have put sheets or some covering on the sofas until she trained the dog to not be on the couch. No reason to be mean to the dog guys : )

  mooshibear140  |  4

#11, that will only work if the cushions look the same on both sides. On my leather sofa one side is leather and the bottom is some other material. But if both sides are the same, then yeah, that would work. :)


Today, my boyfriend came over for the first time after we made up from a huge fight. He loves my cat, but she's sick right now so she wouldn't play with him. He yelled at me for "making" her not like him by "telling her lies". FML

By littlekellilee - / Monday 7 October 2013 16:20 / Canada - Fredericton

Today, I was out with my dog, who loves to bury things. He had recently torn apart his toy and buried it in the sand. I saw a piece of it sticking out of the ground, so I picked it up. It turns out that I was not holding his toy, but rather a dead bat. FML

By GabisayzRAWR / Wednesday 21 March 2012 16:03 / United States - O Fallon
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