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Well, when i removed the cover, I decided to try to get the pudding off all at one time. So part of it was in my mouth. When I slid it out, I did get all the pudding off, but also managed to cut my mouth :( I wont be making that mistake again...
By scarletscarface - / Friday 30 March 2012 03:00 / United States - Yorba Linda
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  KaanTech  |  0

I click you whenever i see any of your commets. I just can't hold my self from not doing it. To prove: You used have a text saying "you clicked on me am i that sexy?" or something like that Now it is "you clicked on me, why?" Are you born like that ? Shit i m soo rude but i cant resist from my curiocity. Sorry


Ummm... Just a question, is your profile picture an ACTUAL picture of YOU????? Or is it somebody else... I'm thinking you're in dire need of a bath, a haircut, and... WAIT! I know, that's your Halloween costume, isn't it?

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

49 - No. Paper cuts burn like the fury of a million suns, sting with the venom of thousands of scorpions, and cause you to shriek like a banshee in agony. An arrow just makes you a cripple.

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