By midwify - / Monday 5 January 2015 17:58 / Denmark - Asaa
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  Mr23  |  9

People don't expect what a birth will sound like. They think "Ok, a bunch of grunts and maybe a scream or two at the end". A birth actually sounds nothing like a dispute, but few people outside of the Middle East can recognize the sound of torture, so that's what they default to.

  domolovesyoshi  |  33

Because labor is always predictable

By  Earths_Venus  |  25

So, did you name the baby Copper?

By  Stooby61  |  18

Never mind the noise, congratulations. Enjoy your new family member


You're making it sound like the baby's a tasty snack. "Enjoy!" It's creepy, man.

By  justinccp  |  8

Congrats on your baby :) but I'm sure you could understand how the natural sounds of agony associated with birth might have someone worried lol - it's not like that was your concern at the time. Just funny confusion lol

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