By how about never? - / Sunday 19 October 2014 11:22 / United States - San Fernando
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  Rinat_fml  |  26

If he didn't mean it as a joke, he seems like a typical douche.

  jeepers_1  |  21

33, have you ever witnessed childbirth? It's terrifying. Imagine something you love being torn apart while you watched... not pretty, then some stitches and some healing later and you're supposed to love it again. Some men actually end up with PTSD after watching their wives give birth!

  LostMy_Marbles  |  23

33, the experience can be very traumatic for someone. It is a beautiful moment but completely horrifying at the same time. I have known some men to cry in the corner after seeing it, others faint... And as said above, some men get PTSD


#12 how would you know? Unless you're the husband

By  CoGhostRider  |  31

Depends on if you have a private room or semi private room

By  pwnman  |  33

Congratulations on your baby, I feel sorry that he has an immature daddy.

By  Drag0nb0rn  |  22

This FML confused me so much because I thought he meant hit the baby and I became fearful for that poor things safety.

  Cryptical  |  13

I'm sorry, but are you mentally challenged?

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