By thatwas10yearsago - / Friday 28 September 2012 02:41 / United States - Reston
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  iNewKid  |  16

Well, you don't know what kind of impact that has on people.. Just like being bullied and people get all depressive. Maybe she just hates you for it, no matter how long time ago.

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

I remember in 3rd grade, girls would call me fat. Walk around and kick my chair, I Still get sad over it to this day when I see them sometimes. Bullying is a serious issue. :/

  ClassyCommando  |  13

To be quite honest, if a girl can manage to hold a grudge for that long, she's probably not the sort of girl you'd want to have any kind of long-term relationship with. You know, the kind that'll bring that shit up in completely unrelated arguments. Every. Fucking. Time.

  DerrickJames  |  33

I was picked on all through school for being born with physical problems and I never held a grudge. That was just her excuse to not be with you.

  kyat288  |  9

I just figured out how to reply (y)

  redbluegreen  |  40

I wouldn't necessarily say it's a grudge. She might still have it in her head that he's a jerk. I'd probably feel the same if I was in her place. She doesn't have to give him anything if she doesn't want to.

  startrekker  |  3

What kind of dick kid pushes a girl into a puddle when they are 5 and calls them ugly? That sounds like a bully, by 5 you know better than to do that. Now the same girl doesn't want to date a bully. It makes logical sense.

  blahmemeblah  |  3

For all y'all that got bullied I'm sorry. I'm a girl still in high school. Girls really don't forget. I'm not saying I'm not one. But getting bullied will change, make or break your life. Just be strong and forget. Don't forgive though. They don't deserve it. I am truly sorry that y'all got bullied.


I was bullied mercilessly all through elementary school and middle school by this bitch of a girl and her friends. I never forgot and trust me, when I had the time to strike for revenge I took it. However, hatred over one incident does seem a tad extreme...


Erm 70, I'm sure its forgive but don't forget. Forgiveness is for yourself not the other person, by not letting it go you're just showing that they have control over you.

  iOceanus  |  18

Emotional pain that continues after 12 minutes is self-inflicted. Or so I read.

  bamagrl410  |  31

But they were 5... When I was 5, boys said all kinds of stupid things. I understand that bullying is a serious issue because I dealt with it myself, but I honestly think that it's completely different from a kindergarten conversation. It's interesting to see how much social issues have evolved over the years. Blaming a 5 year-old boy for disliking a girl? I'm pretty sure the majority of 5 year-olds think the opposite gender is dumb, gross, ugly or something like that. That changes as they grow up, but it doesn't make them a bully.


I don't think people realize how damaging one event can be. Some people are naturally insecure (such as myself) and a single act of being bullied can really traumatize them and further instill that lack of self worth. If this had happened to me, at any age, I would never be able to just forget the hurt that person put me through. Forgive them, sure, but it wouldn't be healthy for me to get involved with someone who would always remind me of how bad I feel about myself. Call it a trigger, if you will.


Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I remember through a lot of elementary school days the boys would pick on girls if they liked them. o.o at that age the opposite sex still has cooties, You dont want your friends thinking you're going soft, so rather than be nice to the person you like, just dick with them instead.

  hazelnutters  |  5

In sixth grade, there was this kid who told everyone I was a lesbian because I didn't like him. Today was his birthday. I didn't say happy birthday to him… on purpose. Yeah guys, I know I'm a badass with a grudge.

  SammyS2012  |  21

But they were 5 o.O arent boys known at that age to be mean to girls (and vise versa) because they just don't like the opposite gender yet? I understand that bullying can leave scars because I went through it myself, but there is something called forgiveness. I actually became really good friends with someone who used to bully me. They just grew up and I forgave them and we had a good friendship.

  free2speak  |  14

All of you all are ridiculous (save for one or two people who commented). I have little twin sisters in kindergarten and guess what? Boys do silly things. One guy tried to grab my little sister by the neck when they were running because she was running faster than him in a race. Bullying is serious but this is kindergarten. boys and girls both do stupid things like steal a pen from school and that's when parents tell them stealing is bad, and push each other and that's when parents teach them to be respectful. These kids have no idea on how to distinguish between 90% of what's appropriate and what's not. that's why they are kids and immature and not fully capable of understanding the impact of their actions. The girl doesn't have to date him but the reason why is ridiculous! Apparently, he only did it once in kindergarten so why hold a grudge for so long? I'm not even the same person I was in high school, now that I have graduated college. people change. for the bad or the good and in no way should OP's choices as a kindergarten should be held against him (see how ridiculous that sounds... holding grudge against a kindergartner?)... Use your brain people. bullying is serious... but if it only happened once as a kindergartner, isn't it a little over exaggeration to call it bullying?

  Shade1982  |  18

@#29: You are right of course, but I hardly consider this bullying. From what I can tell from this post, it happened only once, and wasn't even that serious. I mean, it's kindergarten... I can't remember anything from that period in my life. But then again, I can't remember what I did last month most of the time either...

By  Rynow  |  7

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  habibiiiiiii  |  2

Maybe if op wasn't an ass of a child she would be interested in him


Why, 17 you're not comment riding at all!

By  lo39dell  |  10

You shouldn't of pushed her in a puddle! Go sit in time-out! Lol

By  SApprentice  |  33

Geez, way to hold a grudge.

  Baustigt  |  40

Eh. So she's the plotting and brooding for ten years type. So she's built a terrifying altar in her basement with a thousand pictures of OP's savaged face emblazoned across it. Who are we to judge? Surely we're all guilty of a little revenge shrine every now and again.

By  evaki1  |  12

Karma is a bitch... (Sarcasm)

  gc327072  |  29

I used to be a bully. That is, until I made the mistake of bullying a girl named Lisbeth Salander. I sure as hell learned my lesson on that one!

By  MissMess  |  12

Haha typical boy picking on the girl he secretly likes. Explain to her that's what little boys do but if she won't accept it then she's clearly got grudge issues and you don't wanna be with someone like that!

  onlychildFTW  |  33

It's a bit long to hold a grudge. And kindergarten, I'm guessing, was a little while ago for you both. If she's still grudging about that she may not be the most stable girl for you OP.

  RpiesSPIES  |  26

28 It would be easier to let go of a grudge if it was just him calling her ugly, or him pushing her down, but doing both and into a puddle? That's sure to cause emberrasment and result in questions popping up from her parents. However, apologizing sincerely for what happened could be mutually beneficial.


Dude, it was in kindergarten. Kids are mean. Truly. They don't intend to hurt people, but they are mean. Now if they were still in elementary school I'd say sure, apologize. But if they've hit high school, she needs to grow up and get over it. Kids are mean. That sort of thing happens, and if you wanna sit there and whine about it then you're going to miss out. OP I'd say move on, you will probably find someone who is better suited for you.

By  Rommel1942  |  9

Bitches be kray kray...

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