By Bunsostriker - / Thursday 2 April 2015 18:47 / United States - Dearborn
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By  jjumprope  |  24

Well at least you get your car back right?

  devi_916  |  39

Having to pay a $300 parking ticket as a direct result of your car being stolen is a double royal kick in the ass. I'd deal with court to avoid paying a ticket that I didn't cause.

  phaelnb  |  25

Wait, cops found and towed to a police owned parking lot and it got stolen again? Right under their noses? That's some bad luck brian worthy stuff!

By  MELKOZAR  |  27

Sounds like a personal problem.

  TomeDr  |  18

#6, I think you mean PERSONNEL, not personel.

By  tormcn  |  26

Was it reported to the police as stolen? If so.. wouldn't the other person pay? Easily you can fight for it.

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