By Anonymous - / Wednesday 9 May 2012 22:09 / Egypt - Cairo
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  RebekahBrooke  |  9

50.... that's not a duck face. Why can't people distinguish anymore? After the whole duck face thing, EVERYTHING is a duck face. That is a kiss. There's a difference. Hurr durr.

By  HonestTruth  |  5

How old is she?
Young = If she knows boys like panties, what else would she know?
Older = That is just plain nasty. Be a civilized person and sell your own panties.

  DogsPaw  |  16

HonestTruth. The Honest Truth is 24 as it is clearly doubled in the FML.

  cheezebuiscut  |  0

Well I mean not only do some kids 2day look like full grown adults for example a 13 year old mistaken to be 20 but we know alot more then we should: It isnt always our faults though._.

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