By S.Bunny - / Friday 22 January 2010 08:14 / United States
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By  10FlyGirlz  |  0

your retaared to hit a don't! bitch

  Sirin_fml  |  46

Sure, but that is about the ONLY thing I understood from #6's post.

"your retaared to hit a don't! bitch" «--- I think this just might match the Voynich manuscript in its indecipherability, though let me give it a shot...

"You're retarded to [run over] a [female dog]! Don't [do that, sir, I implore you with all my heart, take my life if you will, but leave the poor dog to live out the rest of her days in peace]!"

  Ashhole_1  |  0

first off learn how to spell the word dumbass and second off that word is very offensive to some people so why don't you to stop being such a bitch....also another thing....pretty sure they didn't "hit a don't".....they hit a dog!!! and it was most likely on an accident...

By  Saccharide  |  0

Why is this a YDI? It's not like he purposefully ran over the dog. He wasn't speeding down the street with the intention of smashing the dog against the pavement. He sure wasn't being attentive and that's his fault - but chasing someone with a motherfucking shotgun is not equal retribution - at all.

  sadistmonkey  |  19

And for all we know the OP didn't do it on purpose. As House once said, "speculation makes a spec out of you and some guy named lation which doesn't really affect me at all."

  shinshoku13  |  19

Actualy, since he wasnt shot at, i think it is fair retribution to be scared shitless by a guy with a shot gun after you either killed or seriously injured someones pet, OP wasnt hurt like the dog or the man were so i say it was deserved

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