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  Crypticedge  |  34

Maybe she's actually a stalker, they weren't dating and that was his way of gently saying he wasn't interested in her. Either that or he's a terrible boyfriend. I love my girl, and could never forget her.

  MandySnelly  |  40

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  JennaNGood  |  35

I'm think her "boyfriend" is someone she's dated a couple of times and they weren't exclusive. This is the only acceptable reason why he would "forget" her. I'm so confused. A follow-up would be nice.

  ber4fun  |  19

Even if they weren't officially dating, I would think it's hard to completely forget about someone that you like or have any kind of. interest in.


Okay, first off, "y'all" is used in the plural sense if I'm not mistaken. OP is one person. So I'm pretty sure you used y'all wrong. Second, even my little sister in middle school wouldn't forget she was dating someone, so OP's boyfriend has nothing to defend himself. He's just a douche.

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