By suckstobefat / Sunday 22 January 2012 06:10 / Canada
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How do you send messages to people on this app? ? ily

  LaughinStock  |  16

Here's a better idea, Op's dad should have been straight up with him/her. Instead of doing all the secrecy shit. Open relationship is better between the child and parent but that's just me.

By  keemster  |  0

it's heartbreaking but don't be so pessimistic!

By  MDM15  |  5

take the hint

  JordanDempsey  |  20

Yeah, but not mean

By  richards621  |  9

thats so mean! dad should have spoken to OP if he/she needs to lose a few lbs, rather than pull such a nasty stunt!


But he still deserves it, #107, just like the Ravens failed field goal attempt, with 11 seconds left in AFC game vs. NE Patriots, 23-20, loosing to the Pats, GO PATS!! WIN IN INDY!!


Cuz The Ravens deserved their Epic Fail of a game tying field goal from 31yards out, with 11 seconds left, and lost, which is sending the New England Patriots to Super Bowl 46!! Ravens=EPIC FAIL!!

By  GoW_Chick  |  14

Just wait until he's gone, and switch your "vitamins" with his Viagra pills, it's revenge at it's lowest.

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