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Yeah, there are. Not everyone likes Star Wars and not everyone likes Star Trek. I love Star Trek but not Star Wars. The difference between me and this d-bag uncle? I'm not going to argue with or belittle anyone who has difference of opinion than I and thinks Star Wars is better. Everyone is allowed to have their opinions, especially innocent six year olds. OP, your uncle is a huge d-bag and I hope you told him off for your stepdaughter's sake.


Of course. I prefer Star Trek and absolutely loathe Star Wars. I'd never insult anyone for liking Star Wars though. I just find it an incredibly boring concept and the Star Wars fans I've known have largely been terrible people like the uncle. But not all Star Wars fans are like that, the same with Star Trek fans.

And this is when you tell your uncle in blunt terms that he can kiss interaction with your part of the family good bye, and make it known to the rest of the family that he thinks verbally attacking a child over a difference in opinion on media is appropriate. And if they try to push the blame on your daughter, you cut ties with them because it will only go downhill from there.

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