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Hi OP here, it was an essay on a book he had been reading and he included it in his intro as a joke. He did lose points because of it.


Right, but the kid still thinks it's acceptable to use slang in an essay. So even if op didn't teach him the phrase, the kid is still a dumbass.

He just wants his essay to be lit so his teacher can give him the ok sign and the 100%. Right? Is this how the new lingo is used, god I'm getting old.

"The signing of the Declaration of Independence was lit. The calligraphy was on point, not to mention Benjamin Franklin's hair was on fleek. You feel me?"

I mean, if he was writing an essay on the evolution of the English language and using it as an example of modern slang, fine. If he was writing an essay on Davy Crockett's bad ass hat, then probably not so much.

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